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Data Sharing & Privacy

In the recent years we have had a focus on how society have become a surveillance society and how privacy is dead. At the same time regulators in the EU have tried to reinscribe privacy on the legal and political agenda, but still we see thousands of incidences of identity theft and illegally circulated content by third party. How do we go beyond surveillance and privacy and address this challenge in a new way?

More on this Grand Challenge

Arkivfoto fra Jyllands-Posten: Emmanuel Dunand/AP

2019.02.19 | DATALAB, Algorithmic operation and control, Data sharing and privacy

We need a European approach to internet innovation (in Danish)

Commentary in Jyllands-Posten by Lynge Asbjørn Møller and Anja Bechmann about the EU initiative Next Generation Internet (in Danish)

Arkivfoto fra jyllands-posten: Nanna Navntoft

2018.10.10 | DATALAB, Data sharing and privacy

Our feelings have become desirable commodities (in Danish)

Information about you and your feelings are worth a lot to companies when they need to promote themselves.

(Arkivfoto fra Jyllandsposten: Philip Davali)

2018.09.24 | DATALAB, Data sharing and privacy

New technologies don't always cause new problems. But they make them more visible.

Commentary by Ane Kathrine Gammelby and Anja Bechmann (in Danish).