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2019.05.10 | Disinformation, DATALAB, Survival of Quality Content

New EU research center launched at disinformation conference

Research in information disorder on social media will be focal point of a new research center hosted by DATALAB. The center was officially opened on Monday May 6th at a disinformation conference.

2019.05.02 | DATALAB, Survival of Quality Content, Disinformation

Final programme for Online Disinformation Conference

On May 6-7, DATALAB hosts a research conference on Online Disinformation, where top research will be presented by researchers from across the globe and a new EU research center will be officially opened.

2019.03.11 | DATALAB, Survival of Quality Content, Disinformation

DATALAB contributes to he Siri Commission’s recommendations to the Danish Parliament

Digital platforms must be held democratically responsible, the media must actively fight disinformation, and politicians must be transparent about their use of data and ads on digital platforms. These are just some of the recommendations that the Siri Commission presented in the Danish parliament.

Arkivfoto fra Jyllands-Posten: Emmanuel Dunand/AP

2019.02.19 | DATALAB, Algorithmic operation and control, Data sharing and privacy

We need a European approach to internet innovation (in Danish)

Commentary in Jyllands-Posten by Lynge Asbjørn Møller and Anja Bechmann about the EU initiative Next Generation Internet (in Danish)

2019.02.15 | DATALAB

New co-director strengthens DATALAB’s interdisciplinarity

With an interdisciplinary background and specialization in the use of quantitative methods and computational tools in analysis of cultural data, DATALAB’s new co-director is a perfect fit for the center.

2019.02.01 | Survival of Quality Content, DATALAB, Disinformation

DATALAB hosts conference on Defining and Measuring Disinformation

On May 6-7, DATALAB hosts a conference to kick off the establishment of an interdisciplinary Nordic network of researchers studying online disinformation.

Arkivfoto fra Jyllands-Posten: Nishat Ahmed/AP

2018.11.28 | Algorithmic operation and control, DATALAB

Can an app prevent pregnancy? (in Danish)

Commentary in Jyllands-Posten by Amanda Karlsson and Anja Bechmann about self-measurement technologies and the algorithms that lie behind (in Danish)

2018.10.29 | DATALAB, Algorithmic operation and control

Future challenges in human-machine communication

Leading scientists in internet research discuss future challenges in human-machine communication

Arkivfoto fra jyllands-posten: Nanna Navntoft

2018.10.10 | DATALAB, Data sharing and privacy

Our feelings have become desirable commodities (in Danish)

Information about you and your feelings are worth a lot to companies when they need to promote themselves.

2018.09.26 | DATALAB

Hello from a researcher in DATALAB

Meet Ane Kathrine Gammelby who is a PhD fellow and member of DATALAB. At the moment she is absorbed in writing up her dissertation about health-related Facebook groups.

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