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2019.11.22 | DATALAB, Algorithmic operation and control, Data sharing and privacy

A social science perspective on the Next Generation Internet

In Brisbane, Australia, DATALAB gathered internet researchers from around the world for a workshop on the development of a more human-centered internet.

2019.11.22 | DATALAB, Algorithmic operation and control, Data sharing and privacy

Machine learning and big data can challenge due process if used without consideration (in Danish)

Many people consider decisions based on data as neutral, but a case from the United States illustrate that they aren’t. Read the commentary in Jyllands-Posten from DATALAB's Simon Enni and Anja Bechmann.

2019.10.23 | Disinformation, DATALAB

CALL FOR PAPERS: ROPH'20 Conference on Online Hostility

The ROPH’20 conference takes stock of our current knowledge about online political hostility and identify the next big questions we need to solve. The conference marks the launch of the five-year Research on Online Political Hostility (ROPH) project, funded by the Carlsberg Foundation.

2019.09.10 | DATALAB, Disinformation, Survival of Quality Content

DATALAB delivers first report as a part of EU project SOMA

The growth of social media and the availability of social media data has opened up new opportunities for researchers and journalists, but social media companies are making it increasingly difficult to obtain comprehensive access to data. This is the subject of the latest report to the European Commission delivered by DATALAB as part of the SOMA…

2019.05.24 | DATALAB, Algorithmic operation and control

Even robots have values. And that isn't always a good thing (in Danish)

Robots with artificial intelligence can improve our lives, but they can also carry on old prejudices and discrimination. Read the commentary in Jyllands-Posten from DATALAB's Jiyoung Kim and Anja Bechmann.

2019.05.20 | DATALAB, Algorithmic operation and control

Come to Critical Algorithm Studies workshop

Everywhere on the internet, algorithmic systems try to trap, hook, grab, or otherwise capture users through recommendations. This workshop focuses on how critical scholars can gain from analyzing recommendation systems through this entrapment analogy. DATALAB co-organizes the exciting PhD symposium at AIAS on May 27.

2019.05.10 | Disinformation, DATALAB, Survival of Quality Content

New EU research center launched at disinformation conference

Research in information disorder on social media will be focal point of a new research center hosted by DATALAB. The center was officially opened on Monday May 6th at a disinformation conference.

2019.05.02 | DATALAB, Survival of Quality Content, Disinformation

Final programme for Online Disinformation Conference

On May 6-7, DATALAB hosts a research conference on Online Disinformation, where top research will be presented by researchers from across the globe and a new EU research center will be officially opened.

2019.03.11 | DATALAB, Survival of Quality Content, Disinformation

DATALAB contributes to he Siri Commission’s recommendations to the Danish Parliament

Digital platforms must be held democratically responsible, the media must actively fight disinformation, and politicians must be transparent about their use of data and ads on digital platforms. These are just some of the recommendations that the Siri Commission presented in the Danish parliament.

Arkivfoto fra Jyllands-Posten: Emmanuel Dunand/AP

2019.02.19 | DATALAB, Algorithmic operation and control, Data sharing and privacy

We need a European approach to internet innovation (in Danish)

Commentary in Jyllands-Posten by Lynge Asbjørn Møller and Anja Bechmann about the EU initiative Next Generation Internet (in Danish)

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