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Fake news is trust hacking and a threat to companies as well as democracy

2018.05.18 | Survival of Quality Content, DATALAB, Disinformation

Fake news is trust hacking and a threat to democracy and companies

If the consumers lose their trust in the institutions, as a result of fake news, it will also affect their trust in private businesses.

Bestseller, Group G - On the Road with Jack & Jones

2018.05.16 | Survival of Quality Content, Digital Society

Highlights from MSA Student Hackathon 2018

90 4th semester students at Media Studies has participated this year’s MSA Student Hackathon finals with cases from Jyllands-Posten, Bestseller and Bloggers Delight.

Amanda Karlsson

2018.05.16 | DATALAB

Hello from a Researcher in DATALAB

Get to know one of the members of DATALAB. Here, PhD scholar Amanda Karlsson tells about her research project on personal data tracking.