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DATALAB has affiliated members from the Faculty of Arts, the fields of Computer Science and Computer Engineering, and the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. The members of the center are researchers at all levels, plus administrative staff and student workers. Researchers ranges from sociologists, anthropologists and digital designers to data scientists and organization- and business scholars.

Research Team


Grégoire Lits, Visiting Assistant Professor
Signe Ravn-Højgaard, Visiting Assistant Professor
Lasse Blond, Postdoc
Marina Charquero Ballester, Postdoc
Ida Nissen, Postdoc
Anne Hove Henriksen, PhD Fellow
Lynge Asbjørn Møller, PhD Fellow
Roelof Albert Nijmeijer, Visiting PhD Fellow
Mathias Holm Tveen, Research Assistant

Affiliated Members

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Vahlstrup, Peter Bjerregaard Special Consultant imvpbv@cas.au.dk +4540971181 1483, 429
Walter, Jessica Gabriele Assistant Professor jewalter@cc.au.dk +4527782893 5335, 261