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Data Sharing & Privacy

In the recent years we have had a focus on how society have become a surveillance society and how privacy is dead. At the same time regulators in the EU have tried to reinscribe privacy on the legal and political agenda, but still we see thousands of incidences of identity theft and illegally circulated content by third party. How do we go beyond surveillance and privacy and address this challenge in a new way?

More on this Grand Challenge

2019.11.22 | DATALAB, Algorithmic operation and control, Data sharing and privacy

A social science perspective on the Next Generation Internet

In Brisbane, Australia, DATALAB gathered internet researchers from around the world for a workshop on the development of a more human-centered internet.

2019.11.22 | DATALAB, Algorithmic operation and control, Data sharing and privacy

Machine learning and big data can challenge due process if used without consideration (in Danish)

Many people consider decisions based on data as neutral, but a case from the United States illustrate that they aren’t. Read the commentary in Jyllands-Posten from DATALAB's Simon Enni and Anja Bechmann.

2019.09.10 | DATALAB, Disinformation, Survival of Quality Content, Data sharing and privacy

DATALAB delivers first report as a part of EU project SOMA

The growth of social media and the availability of social media data has opened up new opportunities for researchers and journalists, but social media companies are making it increasingly difficult to obtain comprehensive access to data. This is the subject of the latest report to the European Commission delivered by DATALAB as part of the SOMA…