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  • Center for Digital Social Research

DATALAB – Center for Digital Social Research is an interdisciplinary research center at the School of Communication and Culture. The center is based on the vision that technology and data systems should maintain a focus on people and society, supporting the principles of democracy, human rights and ethics.

All research and activities of the center is focusing on three contemporary challenges facing the digital society, that is the challenge of 1) preserving conditions for privacy, autonomy and trust among individuals and groups; 2) sustaining the provision of and access to high-quality content online to safeguard democracy; and 3) maintaining a suitable and meaningful balance between algorithmic and human control in connection with automation.

News & Activities

2020.05.30 | DATALAB, Disinformation

DATALAB receives EU grant for disinformation research

DATALAB is a part of the new EU-funded European Digital Media Observatory project that brings together fact-checkers, media literacy experts and academic researchers to understand and analyse disinformation.

2020.04.16 | DATALAB, Disinformation

New report on disinformation and democracy: A turn in the debate

The threat to democracy posed by disinformation has become a growing topic of interest within the recent years and was the focus of DATALAB’s research director Anja Bechmann’s stay as Thinker in Residence at KVAB.

2020.03.26 | DATALAB

Eight goals for a human-centric internet

As part of the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet initiative, DATALAB have selected eight key topics that will set out a vision for a better, more human-centric future internet and inform the initiative's policy and technology research agenda going forward.


Anja Bechmann

Center Director
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