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  • Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis

SOMA was an EU H2020-project dedicated to forming a central European observatory to support experts in their work against disinformation, providing them with useful infrastructure and connection with a wide community of other experts. 

DATALAB contributed to the project with academic research and recommendations of solutions to be used in the observatory within four pillars: Social media data access, social media data safe spaces, outlier detection of disinformation, and information cascade analysis. As part of the project, DATALAB hosted the EU Center of Excellence for Research in Social Media and Information Disorder (EU REMID). 

The Consortium

Here follows a short description of the other partners of the SOMA Consortium:

Athens Technology Center

Athens Technology Centre (ATC) is a Greek Information Technology Company. They were the coordinators of the project and thus responsible for the administrative part.

LUISS Data Lab

LUISS Data Lab is a research center based at LUISS University. They were leading the work related to the observatory set-up and operation.  

Pagella Politica

Pagella Politica is the main Italian project dedicated to political fact-checking. The project has been active since 2012 with the aim of monitoring the statements of the main Italian politicians, in order to evaluate their veracity through numbers and facts. Pagella Politica were responsible for stakeholder engagement and media literacy.  

T6 Ecosystems

T6 Ecosystems is a consulting and research SME. They worked on assessing the impact of the european observatory.