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Digital Society

  • Collaborating for future solutions

Digital Society is a corporate and research network that aims at bridging the gap between academia and industry to induce sustainable digitization and support knowledge sharing and cross-disciplinary collaboration between professionals in research and industry as well as students.

All the activities of the network centre around the three grand challenges of DATALAB. These challenges create the basis for student and research projects, dialogue forums, debates and seminars all of which are to foster new knowledge, tools and processes as well as guidelines and political memorandums to fuel changes towards a social sustainable digital society.

How does it work?

Our philosophy is that by collaborating as joint forces across research and industry, we can think broader and deeper and thereby provide better digitization.

We adopt a straightforward approach to collaboration by drawing on each other’s knowledge and expertise, for instance in connection with panel debates, case studies, seminars, Master’s thesis projects and so forth. This approach gives our researchers insight into the challenges present in the industry, and in turn, companies and organisations gain access to a solution-oriented forum for reflection as well as research-based knowledge, new ideas, and inspiration.

Want to get involved?

It is free to participate in Digital Society. The only thing you need as a company is a basic interest in working alongside researchers and/or students on issues within the scope of our three grand challenges and supply whatever is needed: sparring, expert knowledge, etc. and your dedication and time.

Reach out to us if you want to know more or have an idea for how we can join forces

Members of the network