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DATALAB hosts conference on Defining and Measuring Disinformation

On May 6-7, DATALAB hosts a conference to kick off the establishment of an interdisciplinary Nordic network of researchers studying online disinformation.

Online disinformation has emerged as one of the most urgent political and democratic issues of recent times. Research on disinformation has already made numerous efforts to understand the cultural and the psychological aspects of the phenomenon, but disciplinary specialization has led scholars to focus mainly either on one or the other aspect – resulting in a general lack of conceptual coherence.

To initiate an interdisciplinary approach to the problem, DATALAB, Uppsala University, IT University of Copenhagen and Oslo Metropolitan University will establish a Nordic network on the study of online disinformation and its effects on civil and democratic processes as part of the initiative “Online disinformation: an integrated view”. Read more about the initiative on the project website

The network will arrange three workshops during the next year, and the first one will be hosted by DATALAB in Aarhus. The first conference will focus on measuring and defining disinformation: How can we define and measure online disinformation in a holistic way – without being limited by discipline-specific views?

Within this context, we encourage submissions of papers. Learn more about the conference and how to submit here